Oxandrolon (Anavar) - Andro Medicals
  • Oxandrolon (Anavar) - Andro Medicals

Product Form : 100 Tablets x 10mg each

OXANDROLON by Andro Medicals tablets contain the main substance oxandrolone, a synthetic derivative of testosterone. Oxandrolone stimulates the anabolic processes and inhibits the catabolic ones, which is caused by glucocorticoids. That brings to an increase in muscle mass, improvement of connective tissue and a decrease in body fat.

OXANDROLON can be used during therapy in pathologies accompanied by protein synthesis disorders associated with prolonged administration of corticosteroids, cachexia of various genesis, injuries, extensive burns, after infectious diseases and irradiation, muscular dystrophy, weight loss following extensive surgery, osteoporosis, hypo- and aplastic anemia, chronic hemolytic anemia.

  • Improving the relief and hardness of muscle mass;
  • Increase in physical fitness indicators;
  • Impact on the synthesis of growth hormone;
  • Getting rid of body fat.

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Oxandrolon (Anavar) - Andro Medicals

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