• Testogel (Androgel) 30sachets x 50mg by Bayer Schering

Bayer Schering Pharma AG (Germany)

30 gel sachets 50 mg, Totally 1500 mg


Testogel (androgel, testosterone sachets) by Bayer Schering come in box containing 30 sachets 5 g each (50 mg of testosterone inside), totally 1500 mg of active substance.

Testogel is used for treatment of low testosterone levels in men in easy and convenient way by replacing natural hormone. Such decease is called hypogonadism and it may have a serious negative impact on the quality of men's life (especially elderly men) and are commonly associated with a decrease in libido, lean body mass and bone density, as well as an increase in visceral fat, and disturbances in well-being and mood. Transdermal 1% hydroalcoholic Testogel restores testosterone levels to normal range and had a statistically proven, significant positive effect on lean body mass and body composition.
Testogel contains native testosterone in a clear and colorless formulation which is absorbed by the skin within a few minutes after the morning application to the upper arms, shoulders and abdomen, without leaving any residue. The testosterone passes from the gel through the skin and follows into the bloodstream at a steady rate. The recommended dose is 5 g of gel (i.e. 50 mg of testosterone) applied once daily approximately the same time to maintain steady level. The serum testosterone concentration remains very reliably within the normal range for 24 hours after application.

Even if toying with higher dosages, you should not aply more than 10g per day. "More" is not always "better". The adjustment should be achieved by 2.5 g of gel steps. The gel should be administered by the patient himself, onto clean, dry, healthy skin. Allow drying for at least 3–5 minutes before dressing. Do not shower for at least six hours after applying Testogel to make it fully utilized by the body.

Testogel helps to control the symptoms of your condition, but does not cure it. Therefore, you must use Testogel every day throughout the life. In general, testosterone-replacement therapy is indicated for all men over 40, starting from the small dosage and increasing with the age. However, one should do it only in accordance with doctor's advice basing on proper tests. Some people may have sufficient endogenous testosterone levels for longer period of time, some others may still want to have a child, so use any medications including Testogel wisely.

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Testogel (Androgel) 30sachets x 50mg by Bayer Schering

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