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Pack: 10 ampules x 1ml 100mg/ml

Pharmaceutical Name: Winstrol

Androstoll (Winstrol) is an anabolic and with active component Stanozolol.

Androstoll helps to increase muscle mass, eliminate body fat, protect the tissues from destruction, it retains nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, sodium, and water in the body. Because of these properties, it is popular in bodybuilding, boxing, and powerlifting.

It is also used in medicine for reconstructive postoperative therapy, for muscular dystrophy, osteoporosis, violations of protein synthesis, injuries and burns, for infectious diseases and radiation, angioedema, for the treatment of hypo- and aplastic anemia.

It can be safe for both men and women, but due to its moderate androgenic action can contribute to the development of male secondary sexual characteristics.


  • helps muscles recover faster;
  • increases stamina;
  • increases muscle mass;
  • increases the effectiveness of other steroids;
  • helps burn fat;
  • increases appetite;
  • does not cause water retention in the muscles;
  • facilitates the synthesis of protein and collagen in the body.

Androstoll does not cause swelling, and the liver damage is slight to none.


Androstoll should be administered deep into the muscle. For adults, the recommended dose is 50 mg/day. Beginners are recommended to start with 10 mg in a week bringing the volume to optimal.

During treatment, we recommend a high-protein diet for the best results.

Androstoll is a good variant for cutting cycles but it slightly affects the increase in strength and muscle mass. But at the same time, it makes muscles more prominent

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Androstoll 100 Winstrol - Andro Medicals

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